Sencha ExtJS Theming Contest - First Place Submission

Ever use ExtJS?
At one point the company ran a "theme contest", which I entered and won first place! Of course, my entry could never match the inherent greatness of the built-in Office 2003 lookalike theme.

Why is it so difficult to write valid “tar” commands from memory?

The `tar` utility, used to consolidate multiple files or directories into a single archive file, is ubiquitous among Unix-like operating systems; whenever source code is made available for download, it is almost always archived using tar. Nonetheless, the `tar` utility remains notorious for being difficult to use. Why is that?

How every smartphone platform gets the alarm clock wrong

Pretty much every smartphone OS on the market today provides a built in alarm clock app. However, almost all of them exhibit the same mistake! In keeping with the spirit of the clickbait title, I won't tell you what it is in this preview despite having ample room to do so!