I currently work at Indeed, where I work on projects that, ideally, will help people get jobs

Indeed Messages

  • Responsive Webapp
Searching for jobs can be one of the most stressful processes. Can we make communication easier solely via a new user interface?

Taxonomy Browser

  • Internal Tool
How can we make browsing large quantities of multilingual, hierarchical data easier?

My favorite side projects have included a very popular smartwatch face and a really weird game ⌚ 🎮


  • Smartwatch Face
Among the most popular Pebble watchfaces of all time, with over 200,000 installs.

Featured in

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JGA: Crossroads of Destiny

  • Story-Driven Video Game
A game for mobile and desktop following an exiled infomercial chef's journey to bring balance to the world—and sell additional knives.

Excerpts from Reviews

“Truly a work of art, this is a glass of cold water in an endless scorching desert.”

“This is the best RPG story I had ever experienced”

I made this website for a hackathon intended to help local nonprofits!

On Our Own Roanoke Valley

  • Responsive website
As part of a local hackathon team, created new branding and a responsive, maintainable website for a local nonprofit organization.

I used to work for Sicom, a company that made software for fast-food restaurants 🍔

Employee Scheduling App

  • Mobile App
In a restaurant, determining who is working which shift can be more complex than it seems. Can we make this process more seamless for employees?

Restaurant Management System

  • Web Application
Working with a usability consulting firm, our team delivered over 350 pages of wireframes depicting a reimagined version of a restaurant management system in use at thousands of restaurants worldwide.

Drive-Thru Monitor

  • Smart display
A drive-thru timing system for fast food restaurants that uses video-game inspired visuals and gamification features to make monitoring drive-thrus slightly more interesting.

Deployed at over 10,000 Burger King® locations worldwide!