One of the most popular watchfaces ever created for the Pebble.

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JGA: Crossroads of Destiny

A game for mobile and desktop following an exiled infomercial chef's journey to bring balance to the world—and sell additional knives.

“Truly a work of art, this is a glass of cold water in an endless scorching desert.”

―Niles Black, Play store review

“This is the best RPG story I had ever experienced”

―CrickySoupDoupLP, YouTube Let's Play

Employee Scheduling App

In a restaurant, determining who is working which shift can be more complex than it seems. Can we make this process more seamless for employees?

On Our Own Roanoke Valley

Created new branding and a responsive, maintainable website for a local nonprofit organization.

Restaurant Management System

Working with a usability consulting firm, our team delivered over 350 pages of wireframes depicting a reimagined version of a restaurant management system in use at over 7,000 restaurants worldwide.

Drive-Thru Monitor

Conveys the status of a restaurant's drive-thru in a highly visual way. Deployed at over 6,000 Burger King locations worldwide.