Hi there!

I’m a UX designer with a multidisciplinary background—this allows me to approach design from multiple perspectives, and even actualize my designs in the form of functional prototypes. My goal is to create designs that are pleasant to use; I believe that the best designs are those that you don’t notice.

I began web design even before I got my degree in Computer Science, which led me to focus on human-computer interaction during graduate school. I realized then that what I was truly passionate about was design itself, thus leading to my current role as a UX designer. Right now, I’m working at Indeed.com as a Design Technologist, where I work closely with the design team to build functional prototypes!

I also enjoy taking pictures, and even co-author a webcomic! My greatest personal achievement is the creation of JGA: Crossroads of Destiny, a complete video game, from scratch.

Photo of me
Me introducing Don Norman to student volunteers at the CHI conference, wearing the t-shirt I designed!
Photo by Minqui Luo.